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So thanks to 3 of my best popple friends, I am now indeed a beauty product junkie. I'm surfing Sephora.com continuously and my wish list is miles long. I thought this would be a great place for us to post our beauty regimen blogs for easy reference and you can put in reviews on new products also (that's for you Jen!) Anywho, please join us junkies, you know you want too ;)

The Social Importance of Clear Skin

Posted By ClearSkinDiva14 on Sep 13, 2008 at 11:46AM

It sucks when you're a teenager suffering with acne. And, it's not just teenagers that have it, adults as well. The whole myth about parents, relatives, etc. saying you'll grow out of it, isn't necessarily true. Alot of us will have to deal with acne and/or breakouts our whole lives. It is extremely sad and stupid that in today's day and age, there is so much more pressure on our appearances. Sometimes people are not employed as easily because of bad skin. The saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover" relates to this topic. The only problem is, the cover is judged more so than the actual book. Acne has a signifigant impact on a person's outlook of life. Here are common behaviors of people with acne;

-Social withdrawal (For me, very much so during anxiety)
-Decreased self-esteem (Very low for me when I am going through depression)
-Reduced self-confidence (Same as self-esteem for me)
-Poor body image ( I lost almost 15 pounds in two weeks, going through depression, because, I had no desire to eat)
-Embarrassment (Going anywhere outside my house made me feel exposed)
-Feelings of depression (Oh yeah, majorly for me)
-Anger (For me, sometimes. Because of that, I thought of hurting myself)
-Frustration (I got easily irritated going through despression and anxiety)

With one effect leading to the next, and then another, will only make the first worse, sometimes thoughts of suicide, very scary. These psychological effects can have a serious impact, disscouraging life's opportunities- socially, at school, or on the job. Sometimes therapy or visiting a psychiatrist is needed if you are not well psychologically and/or emotionally. At times, I have had anxiety attacks, causing depression, anger (not really), and my emotions were out of control. I would be angry, then depressed easily, crying a lot. I felt like something was always watching me, (anxiety can make you think about the weirdest things). Depression is a very serious issue. Usually when people say they are "depressed", it usually means they're down or feeling a little blue. But, if you are depressed, and I mean emotionally down, depressed all the time for no reason, thoughts of suicide, hurting yourself, and possibly anxiety. Depression changes the way a person thinks and feels about everything. Please, talk to someone you trust if this is happening to you (i.e. teacher, parents). I found depression and anxiety happens to me throughout PMS. But, I am going to visit a psychiatrist soon. I find Chicken Soup For the Teenage Soul; The Real Deal is a good self help book. It helps me in times of need. I believe every teen should take a look at this book. It helps you learn coping techniques. In the first chapter, read Spotlight on Depression. I can post stuff from the first chapter. My advice, don't let acne get to you! Remember, you are more than just a person with acne! Don't cancel dates, outings with friends, etc. because of a few breakouts. Everyone get's them from one degree to another. You can make an appointment with a dermatologist, my friend did and it changed her life.
**Fact: People don't even notice half of what's on your face.

go to http://chickensoupforthesoul.com/cs.asp?cid=titles to see where Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul; The Real Deal Challenges is, and other Chicken Soup titles.

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