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So thanks to 3 of my best popple friends, I am now indeed a beauty product junkie. I'm surfing Sephora.com continuously and my wish list is miles long. I thought this would be a great place for us to post our beauty regimen blogs for easy reference and you can put in reviews on new products also (that's for you Jen!) Anywho, please join us junkies, you know you want too ;)

Review - OPI Will you Mari-a-chi me?

Posted By the makeup blogette on Jul 4, 2007 at 4:21AM

I bought this color at my nail salon today after a quickie mani and pedi. It looks kinda natural, just the sort of color you would use as a lip gloss and suitable for my long nails now. I know the color looks quite purple-ish in the pictures , but actually it is pinkish with gold little specks. Love it!!

Real color is not so purple!Real color is not so purple!

Tried looking for a real picture on the OPI site but too bad I cant seem to find it now.

UPDATE: Thanks to ubrngirl's comment, and I went to the Community Nail Polish Gallery Website and saw a more realistic representation of this color. Here is a pic:

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