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So thanks to 3 of my best popple friends, I am now indeed a beauty product junkie. I'm surfing Sephora.com continuously and my wish list is miles long. I thought this would be a great place for us to post our beauty regimen blogs for easy reference and you can put in reviews on new products also (that's for you Jen!) Anywho, please join us junkies, you know you want too ;)

Product review: Bodyography veil foundation primer

Posted By Angiebaby on Nov 13, 2007 at 12:37AM

Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer is available in 6 varieties to meet everyone's needs. I have been using the green for oh close to a year now and LOVE it! Over the course of that time I've tried samples of some others, including the much coveted DHC velvet skin coat, and nothing makes my skin feel as silky smooth as the bodyography primer. Just a small premeasured squirt is all you need to cover your entire face, then let it set for a couple of minutes before applying your makeup! It feels so good that I can't resist giving my cheek a little "ah that feels good caress" every time I use it. ;) My makeup has never glided on so smoothly before, I love it!

The original, best selling clear formula.
Erases redness and reduces the appearance of blotchiness.
Conceals dark circles under eyes, and adds warmth to skin.
Evens out sallow skin tones, and brightens the skins appearance.
Tahitian Glow
Bronzing + shimmer. Perfect for creating a sultry sunk-kissed look.
Monaco Matte
Bronzing without shimmer. Evens out skin tones, and gives a fresh summer look.

It is a professional product so I want to say it's available in salons carrying Bodyography. (Lucky for me, my mom's a cosmetologist and hooks a daughter up with lots of goodies! Btw, she uses it too and loves it!)

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