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So thanks to 3 of my best popple friends, I am now indeed a beauty product junkie. I'm surfing Sephora.com continuously and my wish list is miles long. I thought this would be a great place for us to post our beauty regimen blogs for easy reference and you can put in reviews on new products also (that's for you Jen!) Anywho, please join us junkies, you know you want too ;)

BPJ: Black Lowlights

Posted By kiwitwist on Sep 25, 2007 at 4:32PM


I am following Glam Sugar's lead and posting some pics of my newly dyed hair. I usually get a dark brown full color and then some caramel colored highlights. Well, this time I decided to try alternating my highlights with some black lowlights. I took a ton of pics in order for you all to see... sorry if you cannot see the black very well. It is hard taking pics of your hair LOL! I decided to show you because when I say I put black in my hair people tend to think it is drastic. Enjoy!




Different Lighting #1Different Lighting #1

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